Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Connor: Passion fuelled bust-up

Wolves boss Terry Connor has labelled the fall out between skipper Roger Johnson and keeper Wayne Hennessey as "passion".
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It looked as though the two were going to come to blows when they squared up to each other during the home defeat to Bolton at the weekend, a row which the manager admitted spilled over into the break. Connor said the bust up was down to the fact that both players have a passion for the club.
"It was two players committed to getting the right result showing passion and determination and the heat of that passion during the game," he said. "It showed they were demanding of each other and of the team. But I don't like to see a disagreement shown openly. "I spoke to them at half-time and they said their piece and shook hands and went out in the second-half determined to play with exactly the same passion as in the first half. "I don't know precisely what it was about or what tactical point they were trying to resolve. It might have spilt over but it was all dealt with at half-time and they are both fine now."
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