Thursday, September 06, 2012

Cristiano Ronaldo Refuted Claims That Money Caused His Disappointment at Real Madrid

Real Madrid top scorer Cristiano Ronaldo publicly revealed his sadness at his club, but denied reports that money is his reason.

Granada, playign against tough oponnent Real Madrid who defeated them 3-0 in last Monday’s La Liga match, witnessed Ronaldo’s odd demeanour after he scored two of Los Blancos’ goals. He did not celebrate both of his feats – an act that he would usually do each time his shot goes into the enemy woodwork. He disclosed his feelings to the public after the game.

Most of the rumours on Ronaldo’s disappointment point to issues on money. Real Madrid, along with the rest of other Spanish football clubs, is currently facing the prospect of having to pay larger taxes in light of Spain’s tight financial condition, which could possibly trigger the striker to ask for a better deal with bigger pay.

In response to those stories, Ronaldo said that he is not sad at the club over money, but declined to explain the real reason behind his sadness at Real Madrid. While he said that “one day it will be shown that [money] is not the case”, other possible causes on the issue still linger.

There are speculations that Ronaldo did not get enough support from teammates for his World Player of the Year nomination. Some pointed to Barcelona’s Andres Iniesta winning the Best Player in Europe award, to which he was a nominee.

Ronaldo’s staggering £80 million transfer from Manchester United in 2008 greatly improved the standing of Real Madrid as a top club in La Liga. He scored 46 league goals last season – a figure that helped bring the league championship title to the club.

Ronaldo assured that his current melancholy would not affect his performance and motivation to excel in any competitions. Defender Alvaro Arbeloa, representing the striker’s Real Madrid teammates, said that the team is always prepared to support him.

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