Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sports Bet News | NBA 2012-13 News: Dwight Howard Might Not Debut In Preseason

THE LATEST NBA 2012-2013 UPDATE – When NBA starts this season for new Los Angeles Lakers centre Dwight Howard, it might not be on a preseason game.

Howard did not talk about skipping last Sunday’s preseason against the Golden State Warriors. Yet, instead of stepping on the hard court, he stayed on the sides instead wearing his trademark bow tie.

“My goal wasn’t to play in a preseason game”, Howard boldly replied. He noted that he wants to help Lakers win the championships but added that he needs to be 100% fit first before he could do so.

Currently afflicted with a back injury he got from offseason, Howard made clear his goal to “give everything” to the Lakers. The team last won the championship series in 2010, having played past through rival Boston Celtics.

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