Thursday, October 18, 2012

12BET English Premier League News | Laurent Koscielny Calls Luis Suarez a Cheater

THE LATEST SPORTS NEWS FROM 12BET – Arsenal defender Laurent Koscielny became the newest member in a line of Luis Suarez’ critics, as he called the Liverpool striker a “cheat”.

Koscielny revealed that he dislikes having encounters with Suarez, moving to affirm that the striker is prone to diving, as reported by many critics. He said that the player tends to simulate even without hits from other players.

Saying that Suarez is prone to play-acting, Koscielny recalled instances when Arsenal has played past through rival Liverpool, in which the striker was taunting him on the pitch, pulling his shirt, and simulating falls “as soon as there is contact”.

Apart from Koscielny, Stoke City manager Tony Pulis and FIFA vice-president Jim Boyce came forward to criticize Suarez. Liverpool came to the striker’s defence and alleged that they do not get rightful penalties due to the player’s negative image.

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